9 Apps that will help you organize your life and be more productive

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There are so many different aspects of life to balance when you’re a mom. The whole care and keeping of the home, cleaning, meals, activities, school projects, groceries, and more can fall to you. That’s a lot of stuff to organize.

Luckily, with the advent of the smartphone and apps, there are many tools us moms can use to help keep up with everything and be more productive. Here are a couple of ones we’ve found that are super helpful. Let’s get organized!


There are three meals in a day and seven days in a week. That’s 21 meals every week that likely you’re in charge of figuring out. Keeping up with all those meals, the grocery list, and the actual cooking is exhausting. That’s why Mealime is so handy.

With both a free version and a membership-based meal planning tool, Mealime lets you choose eating preferences, pick out meals, and then gives you a list of groceries you’ll need. Then, choose what you’re eating that night and follow the recipe. The meals are healthy (and there are many different food preferences to choose from, like keto, low carb, and vegetarian) and take about 30 minutes or less to cook. The recipes are designed to minimize food waste too! An all-around winner if you ask us.


Sometimes you have to take the time to care for yourself. MINDBODY makes it easy. Get easy access to a whole world of wellness-related services, including fitness classes, massage, spa services, and beauty services. Find local businesses who are focused in these areas, easily check out their upcoming calendar and reserve your spot. You can find classes based on your schedule and interests. MINDBODY has special introductory prices to help you save money when trying something new.

Finally, find a yoga studio that matches what you're looking for, find a great massage therapist, or schedule a hair appointment through the app. Easy-peasy and you deserve it!


For a lot of us, grocery shopping is a big task that happens on the weekend. Of course, that means fighting through the hundreds of other people who have the same plan. Saturdays and Sundays are truly the worst days to shop.

Well, now you don’t have to! Instacart lets you do all your grocery shopping through their app. Then, one of their shoppers heads to the store for you, picks out all the food, and brings it right to your door!

For example, shopping options can include Aldi, Sam’s Club, Earth Fare, BJ’s Wholesale Club, CVS Pharmacy, and Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. That’s a good mix of healthy and affordable depending on your grocery preferences. Plus, you can see deals and get coupons right on the app. That ensures you’re getting all the sales and discounts you should be! Right from the convenience of where ever you happen to be. (How does shopping from bed and having the groceries delivered in the morning sound?!)

There is a delivery fee and you should tip the person who shops and drops off the groceries (either with cash or through the app). But the convenience is very worth the extra you may spend. And, grocery pick-up is coming soon.

Bonus: Instacart can connect with Mealime and Amazon Fresh, so you can plan out meals, send the ingredients to the app you use, and then have them delivered. Holy cow, you guys, talk about a game changer!


If you have kids, no doubt family are always asking you to send them photos of the children. Don’t forget your husband’s great aunt again. Use an app like 23snaps to add all your family and just post an update when you have a cute photo or video to share. More tech-savvy family members can download the app and see everything there. For the older folks who have a hard time with their smartphone, the post will be sent via email so they can still keep up with what your children are doing.

Plant Nanny 

This is another app that will help you take care of yourself. Plant Nanny is a cute little app that reminds you to drink enough water a day. Choose a cute little plant to take care of and then make sure he or she stays healthy by drinking your water! It’s productive and adorable!


Another item that’s on the list of things to do all day, every day? Cleaning. Cleaning is never finished, are we right? This FlyLady app is going to help you stay organized with daily routines, daily zones, and sweet tips on how to keep your home clean and organized.

The app comes with recommended routines and zones for you to tackle, along with a schedule for you to do them every week. You can edit their recommendations and add your own routines into the mix too. Some of the cleaning tasks have a time limit, so there is a handy timer inside the app. It’s a very simple app, but it has all you need to keep up with the housework.

The main app is free, however, there is a course section which costs money to access and there are other premium features you can sign up for.

Google Calendar

Everyone needs some sort of calendar to keep organized. Google Calendar is straightforward, easy to use, and has the ability to share calendars with people. Stop having to remind your husband three times about an event. Add him to your calendar, create an event with a reminder, and have Google do the nagging.

With Google Calendar events you can: add guests and send invites, add locations, add notifications, add a conferencing line, color code, add notes, add attachments, and more. Super simple, super helpful!

Google Assistant

Get all the help you need with Google Assistant! Ask it questions; tell it to do things. Almost anything you need it to do, it can do.

Some things it can help you out with:
  • Remind you to stop by the store
  • Make a dinner reservation
  • Set calendar events and sent out invites
  • Play music
  • Get information, like whether or not you need an umbrella

If you have a Google Home device, the app can even connect to it and send whatever you asked for to the device for you. For example, you can look up a recipe, choose the one you want, and then send it to your Google Home device in the kitchen. Then, start cooking and Google will lead you through all the steps in the recipe!


Nextdoor is an app that allows you to keep up with what’s happening in your neighborhood. It’s a free, private social network where your neighbors can communicate about all the different things they might need to tell you about—like lost animals or garage sales. You can also use the app to find local babysitters or other handy people, share any crime or safety issues, and share information during natural disasters. You can even use it to get to know who lives down the street and be more friendly!

Those are some apps we’ve found super helpful! Did we leave any out? Let us know what apps you guys use to keep up with the hustle and bustle of #MomLife.


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