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Healthy Alternatives to Kick that Cola Habit!

by Ashley Thompson June 27, 2019

Healthy Alternatives to Kick that Cola Habit!

We all know that soda is not the healthiest drink out there and that kicking the habit can be hard - especially if you find water a bit too boring for your taste buds. We get it and are here to help!  

The best way to kick that cola habit is to find an alternative.  Here are some of our favorites!

  • Sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon and pinch of your favorite sweetener of choice.
    • La Croix - top, well-known sparkling water on the market. Includes a wide variety of flavors. 
    • Bubly Sparkling Water
    • Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
    • Nestle Splash Sparkling water 
    • Shasta Sparkling Water
    • Zevia
  • Steaz organic green tea-based beverages
  • Kombucha
    • Kombuch Wonder Drink 
  • Add flavor to your water with flavor packets or better yet, infuse with fruit!
    • True Citrus beverage packet
    • Crystal Light 
    • True Lemon packets
    • Lemon
    • Lime
    • Mint
    • Fruit (Berries, Melon, etc)
  • Bai drink
    • Bai Bubbles 
  • Vitamin Water
  • V8 Sparkling Energy
  • Runa Energy Drink
  • Hint Kick 
  • Cola flavored alternatives 

Now let’s be honest. We all know that talking about this and actually sticking to it are very different things. So we have a few methods to keep you on track and help make the transition easier.

Other Substitutes: If you are looking for the caffeine boost, coffee or tea can be great substitutes - though you should watch your coffee intake if you like highly caffeinated roasts and be sure you aren’t loading your coffee with sugary creamers. Also, try to avoid sports drinks as an alternative, as they are often just as sugary as sodas. 

Ease your way out: Going cold turkey is hard and could cause physical withdrawal symptoms as well...  so easing into the process is best. Start with little changes that will eventually lead to automatically reaching for a healthier cola substitute.

Restrict your access: Don’t set yourself up to fail. To be successful, you’ll have to change your habits… which could include buying that soda. The adage out-of-sight, out-of-mind really rings true. Don’t tempt yourself with having soda in your home or office if you don't have to. 

Build your support system: Tell your friends and family about your goal, they can be your support system and help you to be accountable. 

We know that you can kick your cola habit!  So, make a choice today and commit to a healthier lifestyle.  We believe in you!!

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