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How to Make Money at Home!

by Ashley Thompson July 30, 2019

How to Make Money at Home!

Want to know how to make money from home? It’s time to start talking side hustles. 

The first thing people question when kicking around the idea of a side gig is… “What am I going to do?”

The easiest starting point is to take a look at your hobbies. What are those things you do in your downtime that you enjoy? Is it writing, photography, baking? Take a look at what value your hobby could bring to others as well as to your bank account. 

Question number two… “How do I find a legitimate work-at-home job among the vast sea of things?”

There are plenty of too good to be true options out there, so tread softly and be sure to do your research before you jump into surveys for cash or those super enticing secret shopping gigs.

We did a little digging on our own and found a few options you may be interested in test driving.

Dive into Direct Sales for a company (Network Marketing)

Direct sales companies are a great fit for any mom whether you stay-at-home or work outside the house. In network marketing companies, an energetic individual who is a great communicator can create a profitable business with a modest investment.  Here are some examples of Direct Sales Companies:

      • AdvoCare
      • DoTERRA
      • Monat
      • Isagenix
      • Herbalife
      • Scentsy
      • Young Living
      • Rodan and Field
Be a Brand Rep/Ambassador

A brand ambassador is someone who represents a company, either in person or online. Brands are usually looking for people to “personify” the brand’s identity and turn their values to life. Your main mission is to spread awareness of the brand through a word-of-mouth, referral strategy, instead of direct marketing. In return, you could earn free products from this company or partial commission based on your sales

Offer your services as a Freelancer

When it comes to freelancing there are a few very important steps to ensure you are successful. This is a definitive guide on how to start freelancing online and the steps to success:


Want to learn more or explore freelancing opportunities?  Check out some of these popular sites where freelancers post their skills.  Studying existing freelancers is a great way for you to get some ideas as to the opportunities out there. 

      • Fiverr
      • LinkedIn
      • Upwork
      • Peopleperhour
Take homemade and put it online

Find your niche in the handmade market and go for it girl! There is literally a space for any “maker.” Leveraging online resources can help you take your products from local to global. Here are some of the most popular online sites to sell your homemade creations.

    • Etsy
    • eBay
    • Homemade at Amazon
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Bonanza
Make your garden work for you

Do you have a green thumb? Not everyone does. If you love gardening sell your excess fruits, veggies and herbs for a profit. Everyone loves fresh fruit and veggies.  Where do you sell your homegrown goodness? Check out these options:

    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Local Farmers Market Stand

We live in an age of ingenuity and opportunity. With all the innovative ways to make money on the side you should have no problem finding one that fits your unique lifestyle!

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