Passion and Purpose.

by Ashley Thompson February 17, 2020

Passion and Purpose.

There comes a time - typically in our 20s - where we’re at the place in our lives where we’re stuck between “childhood” and adulthood. By all accounts we’re adults. We’ve tackled whatever next step we were launching into once we stepped out of high school. Yet, there is that feeling of “I’m an adult I need to get myself together,” but still unsteady in our choices, second-guessing our path. There’s this dichotomy of wanting to prove worth and value, yet still needing guidance. 

Wondering where I’m going with this aren’t you? 
It's usually during that time we have our first big “WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE” moment. We’ve been humbled. We’ve seen glimpses of what we want out of our lives. And it’s typically at that time where we are working to find our PURPOSE. Now that I’m in my “not 20s” and am still having those moments, I have one thread of advice... for anyone really. You can not find purpose without passion. 

Growing personally. Growing professionally. Whatever your goal, if you find yourself spinning your wheels because where you are in your life isn’t lighting a fire under you, then it’s time to make a change. To find what it is you’re passionate about and in there is where you will find your purpose.

Sounds great doesn’t it. Super easy… just find your passion. (we see the eye roll… we’ve done the eye roll). A little not-so-secret secret. Growth isn’t easy. It’s hard. It's uncomfortable. It means getting down in the dirty and putting in the work. Yet if you are pushing toward something that is lighting a spark, it doesn’t FEEL like work.

Seeing our own wonderfully unique gifts can be tough, so finding our purpose requires a little self-discovery. That persistent longing for something more. That nagging that we push aside as we get on with our daily routines. That’s the spark trying to knock on the door.

We believe wholeheartedly in journaling and introspective thought. Think about those things that you are ridiculously good at. Explore those things you love… those hobbies that often make you think - “if only this could be my job.” Write them down. Think about what comes easy to you. Write those down too. We all need to sharpen our swords so taking time to develop our talents is important but it should feel natural and shouldn’t feel forced.

Start thinking about how you can spend more time focused on those spark moments and less on those putting out your fire. Be honest with yourself. Taking time to be thoughtful about your goals and your interests will help you align what you are passionate about and turn that into personal and professional growth. If this leads you to a career change or lifestyle adjustment, there will be work to put in. Trial and error are part of the journey. And it is just that, a journey. As much as we’d all like to find our answers with a flip of a switch it takes time and commitment.  But we promise that the work you do to lead you to your purpose will be worth the challenges and bumps along the way. As the adage goes… nothing in life worth doing is easy. 

We all have a desire to be more, to do more, for a sense of fulfillment. When your passion and purpose come together, that drive and determination will set fire to any path you’re heading down. So light that fire. Live your purpose with passion. Be extraordinary.

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