Confidence = Work-in-Progress

0 Comments October 28, 2020 by Ashley Thompson

Confidence for most is a work-in-progress. We all see people who seem like they just exude strength and confidence and this glow of self-worth. The truth is, we all have the power to exude that same confidence.
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'Tis the season… back to school

0 Comments August 28, 2020 by Ashley Thompson

‘Tis the season… for back to school. And I think all parents, college students, teachers and school administrators, can attest that trying to get started this year has been a bit of a wild ride.
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Passion and Purpose.

0 Comments February 17, 2020 by Ashley Thompson

We all have a desire to be more, to do more, for a sense of fulfillment. When your passion and purpose come together, that drive and determination will set fire to any path you’re heading down.
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Gratitude - It's Not Just a Thanksgiving Thing

0 Comments November 16, 2019 by Ashley Thompson

What is one of the easiest things to do for someone, yet is often the most overlooked? Telling someone what they mean to us.
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