The 50 Strong Story

Making A Difference

At 50 Strong, we have a clear goal – to make America stronger by making products in America. We are a family of entrepreneurs and were frustrated every time we would walk through a store and see aisle after aisle of products made overseas. We wanted to change that, so we took action and created 50 Strong. We started with a line of American-made water bottles… but that’s just the beginning.

Made in USAEvery one of our products is 100% Made in America. Many of our products are made in the factory that our family owns in Lima, Ohio, where we have been manufacturing quality products for over 35 years. Our products feature innovative design, high quality and we offer them at competitive price points.

Our name is a reference to the 50 states. As long as we stay 50 Strong, every state will benefit from bringing our manufacturing jobs home.

To further this goal, we have also created the 50 Strong Foundation, a non-profit which strives to educate and train factory workers to be successful in today’s advanced manufacturing environments. We donate 10 percent of every sale we make to our foundation to empower, educate, and inspire our manufacturing workers.

Making America better by making things in America. That’s our dream. That’s our goal. That’s our purpose.