50 Strong Foundation


 The 50 Strong Foundation seeks to EMPOWER manufacturing workers to gain further education and training in order to better their workplace and career path; EDUCATE students and teachers on career opportunities available in manufacturing; and INSPIRE others to help change America through manufacturing.

 The 50 Strong Foundation awards scholarships to those engaged in or interested in pursuing careers in manufacturing.  The scholarship will assist the recipient with the cost of attending a technical, vocational, or trade school in order to enhance their manufacturing skills and knowledge.  The 50 Strong Foundation has joined forces with Apollo Career Center in Lima, Ohio, to create a scholarship for students pursuing the following certificates at Apollo Career Center:


                   1.  CNC Programmer

                   2.  CNC Operator

                   3.  Electrical Certificate

                   4.  Welding Certificate


To apply for a 50 Strong Foundation Scholarship or to learn more information about Apollo Career Center, please contact  Joy Baeumel at Apollo Career Center's Adult Education Department at 419-998-2990 or joy.baeumel@apollocc.org


The 50 Strong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.  To donate, please contact: info@be50strong.com


Thanks for helping us change the future of America through manufacturing!