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The Gym Bottle Collection features a No Slip Pocket Grip that conveniently and securely holds a credit card, cash or keys. Gym Bottles are proudly made in the USA of BPA Tritan and feature a finger friendly lanyard. The unique 30 oz. shape makes it easy to hold and is cup holder friendly. The Gym Bottle in available with the Every Last Drop Straw or Chug cap. 


•Holds cards, cash or keys
•No Slip Pocket Grip made of soft TPE
•Available in Chug or Every Last Drop Straw Cap



 Directions for Care & Use

  1.Pinch gym pocket on both sides

  2.Insert or remove items

*Use care when storing valuables. The gym pocket does not deter thieves.*



Directions for Removing Pocket/Sleeve

  1.Remove the cap and lanyard from the bottle

  2.Mix warm water and a small amount of dish soap in a bowl

  3.Place the bottle in the mixture

  4.Grab the top of the sleeve and fold it over on itself

  5.Pull the sleeve down

Directions for Placing the Sleeve on the Bottle

  1.Mix a small amount of warm water and dish soap

  2.Unfold sleeve if it remains folded over on itself

  3.Slightly dip bottom of bottle into mixture and pull sleeve up onto bottle